Eureco-Pharma BV reaps rewards after bringing its digital leaflet printing in-house

Eureco-Pharma BV is a specialist in the parallel import of medicines and repackaging work and has an annual turnover of €40 million. Until last year the printing of its Dutch-language patient information leaflets was outsourced to an external supplier. This approach had significant drawbacks, including typical lead times of four weeks and a lack of flexibility. Additionally, the company found that outsourcing the printed leaflets led to high levels of waste.

Bringing the leaflet printing operation in-house has enabled Eureco-Pharma to cut lead times from four weeks to just 24 hours. The flexibility of being able to print leaflets on-demand has meant that the company has significantly reduced wastage, helping it to save thousands of euros per year. It has also successfully automated the folding and counting process thanks to the Horizon folding and cutting machine, thereby also saving on manpower.


"Until last year I had accepted the disadvantages of outsourcing leaflet printing and never enquired about the possibilities. However, after I spoke to someone from Canon, I began to understand the potential benefits."

Jan de Kreij, Managing Director & owner