Evolve, Elwe Special Promotions grow their business using the latest printing technology from Canon

Evolve by unleashing the power of print


The professional print industry is evolving, with new developments in digital production creating new pressures around demand, differentiation and competition.

Our tools and expertise can help you turn these challenges into exciting new opportunities. Offer customers innovative products and services, like 3D printing applications. Enter new markets and uncover more profitable revenue streams. And improve your margins by boosting productivity and cutting costs.

Print services provider Elwe specialises in producing high quality point-of-sale (POS) displays for the retail market.

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Discover how we helped Elwe attract new customers, by reducing the time and cost of producing small print runs.

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Customer Applications

As professional print experts, we offer a wide range of printing applications, covering five key areas: Business Communications, Publishing, Promotional, Packaging and Industrial.

Business Communication

In today’s digital world, you’re closer than ever to your customers. With so many channels of communication to use, our personalised, variable-data, and fully automated applications ensure that every story you tell using the power of print has maximum impact.

Transactional Communications

Transactional Customer Communications
Make your transactional mail more effective by investing in the latest digital technology. As well as enabling you to print in colour faster and more economically, our tools enable you to produce high quality transactional documents that are more targeted and have greater promotional value.

On-demand Communications

On-demand Communications
Improve the quality and consistency of your printed output, while cutting costs and waste. Our on-demand communications tools help to optimise your workflow – allowing you to boost productivity and shorten turnaround times.

Direct Mail Printing

Direct Mail Printing
Improve productivity, cut costs and deliver better customer service by processing mail faster and more efficiently. Discover how our innovative Direct Mail Printing solutions help you win customers and evolve your business.


Who says smaller runs aren’t financially sustainable? Our digital business models for the publishing market – short runs, life-cycle management, print-on-demand, self-publishing, decentralised printing and dynamic publishing – make the printing of books, magazines, newspapers and manuals more commercially viable, now and in the future.

Digital Book Printing

Digital Book Printing
Offer publishers faster delivery times, a wider range of run lengths and a more efficient supply chain with less dead stock, by using our digital book printing services. By offering services like book lifecycle management, you can also help publishers boost revenue from backlist titles.

Newspaper Printing

Newspaper Printing
Manage the shift from advertising to circulation revenue, by providing cost effective Day-A delivery of newspapers in remote areas and hubs through our newspaper printing technology. We can also help you boost reader loyalty, by developing more hyperlocal and target group-relevant content.

Manual and Documentation Printing

Manual & Documentation Printing
Keep pace in a competitive market and improve your margins by producing high quality documentation and manuals faster and more efficiently.

Production Photo Printing

Production Photo Printing
Improve your margins and increase your market share, by producing a wider range of high quality photo merchandise at a lower cost. Our digital production printing technology and processes can also help you cut waste and reduce your environmental impact.


For hard-hitting poster campaigns, eye-catching signs or head-turning indoor graphics, our technology and expertise can help you take promotional printing to the next level.

POS & Poster Printing

POS & Poster Printing
Discover a faster, more versatile way to create eye-catching posters and signage. Win more customers by investing in a digital workflow with minimal set-up time and maximum scope for personalisation and customisation.

Indoor Display Printing

Indoor Display Printing
Gain more business by reducing the cost of producing high quality personalised and customised displays. Discover how our indoor display printing tools help you stay ahead of the curve – and the competition.

Outdoor Display Printing

Outdoor Display Printing
Discover how our outdoor display printing technology can help you win more business and improve your margins by cutting costs while offering shorter lead times and greater customisation.

Interior Décor Printing

Interior Décor Printing
Discover the future of interior décor by creating high quality, high margin products with maximum scope for personalisation.


Packaging is both the fastest growing print sector and one of the most competitive, so it’s essential to stand out in the market. Our industry-leading digital technology offers flexibility through shorter runs, optimised workflows, prototyping, and variable-data personalisation – giving your business the edge it needs.


What you produce changes from day to day. So you need tools that are versatile enough to tackle any job, and that can handle the most challenging requests for customisation and personalisation. With our innovative UV flatbed, finishing and 3D printing technology, you can not only meet customer demand with ease, but attract more business by developing exciting new applications.

Industrial and Functional Printing

Industrial Printing
Produce short runs or one-offs faster and more economically, without compromising on quality, by investing in a streamlined digital process. Our industrial printing tools also allow you to offer customers maximum scope for personalising and customising their designs, and a range of high quality finishing services.

Photo & Fine Art Printing

Wide Format Printing
Print short runs and one-offs faster and at a lower cost, with shorter lead times but no loss of quality. Our wide format printing services enable you to offer customers maximum scope for customisation and personalisation, as well as a range of state of art décor printing applications.

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