EOS C700

Robust and highly capable primary 4K camera with maximum image quality and flexibility

EOS C700

Flexible, robust and highly capable primary 4K camera

A flexible, robust and highly capable primary 4K camera for drama, independent film and documentary that is configurable for multiple production workflows including support for HDR monitoring.

EOS C700

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DCI (4096 x 2160) resolution


DCI (2048 x 1080) resolution


Full HD


ProRes recording


XF-AVC 4:2:2


Capture both highlight and shadow detail without the need to grade


CFast 2.0™


Smooth, continuous AF in Movies

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EOS C700

Canon Log Gamma curves

Canon log

Canon Log

The original Canon Log setting is installed in all cameras in the Cinema EOS range. It achieves a dynamic range of up to 12 stops and delivers excellent results with relatively simple grading

eos c300 fsl w zoom cine lens

Canon Log 2

Canon Log 2 increases Dynamic Range up to 15 stops. This curve is highly compatible with well-established Cineon workflows for maximum grading flexibility and particularly adept at maintaining shadow detail.

hdr on

Canon Log 3

Canon Log 3 gives an extended Dynamic Range of up to 14 stops and shares the relatively easy grading characteristics of the original Canon Log, while retaining greater highlight detail

c500 30-300mm cine zoom & codex camera

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