Control and reduce costs

Where you see print, we see controlled costs.

In today’s uncertain economic climate, controlling and reducing costs, while ensuring your business is fit for purpose has never been more critical.

But when it comes to document and print communication, few businesses realise how much it’s costing them, let alone realise how they can set about reducing these costs.

With the help of Canon, The Colchester Institute, one of the largest colleges in East Anglia (United Kingdom), decided to maximise efficiencies. By embracing an innovative change to their print infrastructure, they have reduced wastage and rationalised their print fleet by 75%.

It’s not just about savings

With Canon Managed Print Services you can change printing habits, enhance document security, and improve your carbon footprint.

"The savings we’ve made on the print strategy have enabled us to re-invest in our teaching and learning programmes in other areas of the college."

Colchester Institute,
United Kingdom

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