Filmmaker advice from Nehemias Colindres

Filmmaker advice from Nehemias Colindres

Photographer and filmmaker, Nehemias Colindres, shares his top three tutorials for shooting movies: shooting a vignette, filmmaker advice and through a lens.

Film making - like any art form - only gets better with repetition. It's essentially a matter of trying to identify what's good and what’s... just not. 

More than anything, we just need to learn to refine our taste – something you can do only if you shoot and shoot until the lights go out. 

Early on, none of my peers expected much from me and I don't think I expected much from myself either. That all changed after an inspired conversation with a former mentor of mine. That instilled a fire inside of me; a desire to be the best. I may not always be the most talented but I have great taste and I am hungry. That counts for a lot. 

One thing that has taken my work to another level is my understanding of good kit and planning. 

I usually have each shot mapped out in my head and written down, along with which lens I wish to shoot it on. Above anything you have to have a sense for each lens and what it achieves. 

Aside from taste, strong lens selection can take your work to the next level. It also helps to have a great team, they are your partners in crime and all of you should be on the same page with every shot.

If I'm shooting portraits I love to direct people in their own environment. I feel it really connects the viewer with the characters. I always shoot my portraits on a 50mm lens. The shallow depth of field creates beautiful results. 

More than anything, I would always say, shoot what you love and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. The rest, with a lot of hard work and a little luck, will follow.