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It’s like having a workhorse and an artist helping you at the same time! I can depend on it! I love it!

Yannis Zaras
Managing Director, Big Olive

Big Olive is a leading events planner and organiser (DMC) in Athens, established in 2013 to offer unique experiences in the urban environment. 

Today the company offers a comprehensive scope of expertise in the cultural landscape, including trips of special interest, concept hospitality services, design and staging of large-scale activities, and corporate events.

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The personalization challenges

Big Olive offers city tours, crafted according to their clients’ interests and available time.

They realise that organising is not an easy task. They must be prepared for the itinerary by drawing precise routes, scheduling for the exact amount of people, and preparing personalised printed kids that serve both as information materials and travel memorabilia.

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Canon solution

Big Olive realised the importance of a low-maintenance, highly productive inkjet printer that can handle both document and photo printing. With the PIXMA G6040 the company found the trusted solution they needed in order to cover all their printing needs.

In a workflow like Big Olive’s, the deadlines are often short, so they needed a fast and reliable printer to count on. That’s why they chose the PIXMA G6040.

“I must be able to print content whether it is an email on my smartphone or a pre-made form from a colleague of mine from a shared cloud drive. PIXMA G can handle content from all sources, as it’s connected to my laptop, but can also print from my smartphone through Wi-Fi.”

The printer has flexible trays for printing envelopes, cards, full A4 documents, borderless photos, whatever Big Olive demands.

The company’s employees prepare their printed materials, using content from various sources, documents, tables, photos, and PIXMA G accommodates all that seamlessly, with great speed and quality, regardless of the type of document.


Side by side

With its long-lasting ink tanks, the PIXMA G offers endless printing of both drafts and finished materials. For Big Olive it combines the best of both worlds — producing a lot of printouts like a laser printer but also high-quality photos and illustrations.

“I never thought we could make it all with just one printer, but the PIXMA G6040 does everything perfectly!”

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