Lenses for EOS R

Explore the range of next generation EOS R System lenses designed for optical excellence.
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Lenses for EOS R

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Photographers and filmmakers can explore a wealth of new creative shooting possibilities with the Canon EOS R. Innovative RF lenses ensure super-fast focusing and outstanding optical quality. The EOS R adapters provide seamless access to existing EF and EF-S lenses with no loss in performance.

    RF Lenses

    RF lenses offer higher quality and speed with a performance optimised for the EOS R camera. They are fast and bright with unique qualities that offer new levels of intuitive control.


    Trinity Lenses

    Three essential fast aperture, high-performance RF zoom lenses covering ultra-wide, standard, and telephoto ranges. Optimised for the EOS R camera, they feature L-series optical quality and image stabilization.


    EOS R Adapters

    EOS R System adapters are unique and offer additional creative control, enabling photographers and filmmakers to use their existing EF and EF-S lenses with full compatibility and no loss in performance.


    EF Lenses

    A huge range of fixed focal length, zoom and speciality lenses, such as macro and fisheye, which deliver superb images for DSLR cameras.


    EF-S Lenses

    Lightweight lenses delivering superb images for DSLR cameras with APS-C sensors.


    L-series Lenses

    L series RF and EF lenses for professionals and serious enthusiasts offer unrivalled optical performance in challenging light conditions and environments.

EOS R Lens filter

Using EF and EF-S lenses with the EOS R system requires an EOS R mount adapter, offering full compatibility and no loss in performance.

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    EOS R RF Mount Compatibility

    The EOS R System inherits all the advantages of the EOS system and as well as its own range of lenses, offers full compatibility with existing EF and EF-S optics using adapters plus the range of Speedlite flashes and accessories.

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