Photographer Richard Walch looks out over a coastline, taking a photo with his Canon camera.



Landscape lens challenge

Pro Verity Milligan shares her experience of shooting creative landscapes with two lightweight lenses.

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Landscape lens challenge

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girl poses with leaf

Maja Topčagić’s style of creative portraits has generated a lot of online interest, especially with her amazing shots of redheads. Watch Maja as she moves around her home towns of Bihac and Sarajevo, photographing her friends.

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children stand on stool in kitchen

We chatted to Caroline Holt about her own journey into the world of family photography. We were keen to know how she manages to capture beauty in the everyday and why engaging with a family is the essential to capturing their stories.

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busy road in Cuba

For most of us, the idea of travelling for seven straight years taking photos around the world seems like a pipedream. We chatted to Jeroen about his journey, travelling the world and his exhibition in what used to be a factory of death.

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couple ride through town on scooter

Capturing interesting portraits is notoriously difficult and so stepping out of your comfort zone is important. We speak to urban photographer Emmanuel Cole and his work exploring London’s most eccentric and interesting characters and landscapes.

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snowboarder performs jump on slope of mountain

In an exclusive interview, Lorenz Holder spoke to CPN writer Steve Fairclough to discuss his work, his approach to creating pictures and why he enjoys working with Canon EOS DSLRs and EF lenses.

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cars driving in rain

Sarah Caron is a French photojournalist based in Paris. We caught up with her in Cuba, where she took time out of a busy fashion shoot to give the EOS M5 a test run and tell us a little about her career and her approach to capturing great images.

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shadows cast on wall

Self-taught photojournalist Christopher Anderson was born in Canada, grew up in west Texas and called New York his home for most of his adult life. We caught up with him as he explored his new surroundings to find out about his concept of home.

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scuba diver swimming with shark

Canon Explorer and award-winning wildlife photographer Franco Banfi explains his love for underwater photography, and what it’s like trying to get the perfect shot when you’re surrounded by blue sharks.

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dancer poses next to bath tub

Film director and producer Sébastien Devaud is passionate about images. We caught up with him to get some tips on making the most of winter light in stills and video.

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RNLI worker

Clive Booth is known for his distinctive style: selective focus in natural, available light, which gives his work an atmospheric, ethereal quality. We asked him how light has shaped his photography.

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A man stands under a city centre bridge beside a road to take a photo with a Canon camera.

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