Leaving a natural footprint

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Tina and Simon are a couple that met by chance and decided to produce their own natural deodorant. While researching how to create the perfect handmade product, they tested more than 200 variations of it. Once Tina and Simon discovered the recipe they were most happy with, they faced the challenge of promoting the Nelipot deodorant on the Slovenian market..

Now they have more than 20 different items and 7 employees and although all their products are still handcrafted, they don’t mind using the help of machines in the office. Like the Canon i-SENSYS printer which makes the job easier and more efficient from the first days of the company.

When we started to “cook” cosmetics in our kitchen five years ago, we did not only cook but we also printed. For this purpose we bought our first Canon i-SENSYS printer. If this printer could talk, it would tell a lot of interesting stories, how much pressure was put on it and all the things it had to print…

Simon Oblak
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Facing the challenges of the growing business

Once their productivity and number of employees grew, they started selling more products and had to put more effort into marketing activities. What they wanted was a cost-efficient printer that is easy to maintain and that will print higher quality prints faster.

With time, marketing became an even bigger part of their everyday work, as Tina and Simon had to maintain the sales and continue being recognised on the market. They needed a lot of materials for media, events and brochures, so they were looking for a fast and high-quality printer.

Soočanje z izzivi rastočega podjetja

Canon solution

Faced by these challenges, Tina and Simon instantly thought of Canon i-SENSYS’ newest model — MF746Cx.

Except printing numerous marketing materials, nowadays they also use the scanner in their everyday work, since they can scan invoices and contracts, send them to customers and business partners, and scan multiple documents at once via the auto document feeder.

“The printer is very fast, makes high-quality prints and has a very important function for us ­­­— scanning from a feeder. We scan a lot, since business started to become e-business.”

The Canon i-SENSYS MF740 Series exceeds the expectations of the most demanding businesses by taking productivity to the highest levels. It can deliver up to 27 printed A4 pages per minute and 47 scans per minute, thanks to the simultaneous scanning of both sides in a single pass (MF746Cx and MF744Cdw). All models also have automatic double-sided printing to reduce the amount of paper used.

“One of the proofs of how good the printer is, is our logo. The design of the logo is a bit complex and if the printer is not good enough, you could see it right away.”

Rešitev podjetja Canon

Securely stepping into the future

Nelipot recently launched a new product ­— the first natural deodorant in an ecological biodegradable package. Since this is a completely new type of product on the market, they needed a scanner/printer that will keep their data safe. They knew they could trust Canon regarding this issue. The Universal Login Manager on the MF746Cx enables business owners to track exactly who is printing what and when, potentially saving money by reducing unnecessary output. They can also control the access and protect sensitive documents with a secure PIN print.

With the launch of our new product came a lot of sharing, printing and scanning of documents that contained highly sensitive information. Security of the printer was highly important at this moment.

Simon Oblak