When dreams become living spaces


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A fire is born from a spark. Passion begins with desire. Growth is achieved by overcoming obstacles. And your living comfort begins with your home. Your home is your fortress. And it is crucial that you wish to return to it. This, to us, is the main reason why Interior Design exists.

The specifics of our work is to embody your ideas in the real world. But we are not magicians, we are professionals. We achieve this goal by precise attention to every detail. In the end, we come up with the living space that ideally suits you. No worries. No doubts. Just open the doors and live. We believe that only a custom interior design is able to create a bond and reflect your personality. Our work is centered around the client, their lifestyle, habits and views. You define the direction, we create the space.


Because in our work we constantly go through a lot of projects, printing takes a very large part of our lives: we print from morning till evening.

Viktoria Faynblat
Studio Owner

Rising to the challenge

Viktoria is the founder and owner of the Interior company. Business is constantly growing and the quality of services provided by the company pleasantly surprises even the most demanding customer.

Due to the constant increase of the daily printing of working documents, layouts and photo visualisations, Viktoria started looking for devices that optimise the cost of printing while maintaining the high quality of any image. Additional requirements for the device were simplicity of use and remote printing from a smartphone.

“We produce a high-quality product, so we have high requirements for printing equipment such as efficiency, economy, reliability, print speed, quality, and ease of use and maintenance.”


Canon solution

For 15 years the company used various brands for printing technology, until they finally chose Canon. Viktoria looked for a printer that fits all their needs, so Mega Tank PIXMA G6040 was selected for daily use.

“I like the fact that refilling is fast and convenient, and one refilling lasts long enough. Black pigment inks are perfect to print small marks in the drawings... In addition, we use photo printing and the quality pleases not only us but our customers as well. Even if I am out of work, I can use the device through Wi-Fi.”


Mega Tank PIXMA G6040 perfectly completes every task in Viktoria Faynblat’s interior design company. The quality of prints suits even the most demanding clients, and the cost allows to significantly optimise costs, given the large amount of printing each month.


Achieving one goal leads to new ones. Therefore, my business is growing rapidly and I need to keep track of the development of the printing technology. Because using a high-quality product greatly alleviates our daily tasks.

Viktoria Faynblat
Studio Owner