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The Future of Municipal Services

With digitization and process automation, more and more services are moving online, significantly impacting the city's quality of life. With this, the demands and expectations of citizens and organizations are also growing, and Canon Smart Municipalities Solutions precisely address these challenges.

The three most common challenges faced by Smart Cities are:

  • complex processes, including manual tasks performed by administrative staff;
  • clients’ expectations to process their requests efficiently with minimal waiting time and steps;
  • compliance with data privacy regulations (GDPR in EU territory and other regulations).

Smart Municipalities

To achieve a high quality of life for its inhabitants, cities need to improve the quality of public services with a more interactive and responsive city administration.

Enabling Smart Municipalities with Smart Cloud Solutions

Canon focuses on automating processes and digitizing documents to boost administration productivity and reduce costs. With innovative technology, city services become more efficient, administrative staff work becomes more productive and complies with security and environmental regulations.

Benefits include reduced paperwork, fewer errors, faster response times, compliance, and increased appreciation from citizens and political support. Additionally, citizens and businesses will enjoy shorter waiting times, convenient online submissions, and the protection of sensitive client data.

Automating three main areas of work

The process of automation and document digitization is supported by three leading solutions relevant to more efficient Smart Municipalities:

Digital Mailroom: Instead of time-consuming, expensive, and less productive managing paper or email correspondence by hand with weak security and lack of control, digital mailroom brings the next level of processing incoming mail and improves productivity and customer satisfaction.

Digital Archive: Canon's solution enables easy and protected access, an overview of all saved documents, and lower storage costs. Furthermore, it protects documents from physical damage.

Digital Form Processing: administration staff can meet the demands of collecting standardized information from multiple clients with less manual work and higher processing speed, avoid the risk of error of manual verification and detect missing information or those in the wrong format.

See our solution helping government and public administration work smarter:

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