varioPRINT iX-series

Specifications in detail


Printing Technology

Inkjet, Drop-on-demand, piezoelectric


Proprietary polymer pigment water-based iX inks

Drop Size

Variable, MultiLevel

Print speed

varioPRINT iX3200:
320 A4 duplex images per minute
~9120 SRA3 duplex images per hour
~8340 B3 duplex images per hour
varioPRINT iX2100:
210 A4 duplex images per minute
~6420 SRA3 duplex images per hour
~5820 B3 duplex images per hour

Duty cycle

varioPRINT iX3200: 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 A4 impressions/month
varioPRINT iX2100: 1,000,000 – 7,000,000 A4 impressions/month

Print Resolution

1200 x 1200 dpi


Paper Weight

Uncoated: 60 - 350 gsm
Coated: 90 - 350 gsm

Paper thickness

70 – 400 microns


Commodity coated and uncoated papers including specialties

Standard Configuration

1 Paper Input Module (PIM Flex XL)
1 High Capacity Stacker

Paper Size

203 x 203mm - 350 x 508mm

Maximum printable area

337 x 504 mm

Paper Capacity

4,500 sheets A4 (80 gsm) with one PIM
9,000 sheets A4 (80 gsm) with two PIMs
13,500 sheets A4 (80 gsm) with three PIMs
23,400 sheets A4 (80 gsm) with three PIMs and Duo Paper Trays

Paper Input Module Flex XL

Paper Trays

2 x 600 sheets, 2 x 1,650 sheets (80 gsm)

Standard paper capacity

4,500 sheets

Paper Size

Trays 1 and 2: 203 x 203 mm - 488 x 320 mm
Trays 3 and 4: 203 x 208 mm - 350 x 508 mm

Dimensions (W x D x H)

922 x 1150 x 716 mm


240 kg

High Capacity Stacker


2 x 3,000 sheets (80gsm) per stacker

Dimensions (W x D x H)

899 x 745 x 1040 mm
899 x 1250 x 1040 mm with stack tray ejected


Empty 120 kg, full 300 kg

Integrated Camera Mounting Unit

Inline camera inspection

Dimensions (W x D x H)

305 x 745 x 1040 mm


45 kg

PRISMAsync Controller

Network Connectivity

Internal: 1 x 10 Gbit Ethernet; External: 2 x 1 Gbit (10/100/1000 Base-T), TCP/IP (LPR /LPD, 9100 Socket), Static IP / Auto-IP (DHCP), IPv4, IPv6 (only in Document printing mode)

Page description languages

PDF 1.7 (Extension Level 3), PDF-X (APPE 4.x RIP support), PDF/VT (Level 1), Postscript, PPML 2.2, IPDS IS/3, SRA PCL6

Job submission

lpr, Hotfolders via WebDAV, Socket (streaming), JDF/JMF, IPP 2.0, Remote PDF Driver


SNMP v1, SNMP v3, Host Resources MIB, MIB II, Printer MIB, Job Monitoring MIB, Job Management MIB (partially), IEEE 802.1x

Spot Color Libraries

PANTONE+ Solid (Coated & Uncoated), PANTONE GOE (Coated & Uncoated), HKS (K,N), HKS (K,N) 3000+ PANTONE+ Solid 336 New (Coated & Uncoated)

Connection Requirements

Connection Fuse

230/400 VAC, 100A; 100-240 VAC, 13-20A; 100-240 VAC, 13-20A; 200-240 VAC, 13-20A; 100-240 VAC, 13-20A

Compressed Air

5-12 bar, dry and oil free


Reverse osmosis water system



Optimal range 20–26 °C


Optimal range 40-60%

Physical data

Length × Width x Height

8,800 × 2,750 x 2,300 mm


Approximately 8000 kg


Paper Trays

Second and Third Paper Input Module
Duo Paper Trays

High Capacity Stacker

Second High Capacity Stacker

Integrated camera mounting unit

Inline finishing

DFD interface
SFD interface


PRISMAlytics Dashboard
PRISMAsync Simulator

*Physical Data are provided for a standard configuration which includes one Paper Input Module and one High Capacity Stacker