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Bridge Cameras

Shoot everything from ultra-wide-angle landscapes to extreme telephoto shots of wildlife with stunning clarity.

Capture every detail with powerful zoom

Count on the best performance – shooting wide or at maximum zoom – with some of the smallest, most powerful optical zoom lenses available. Intelligent IS guarantees optimum results, whether shooting in low light or on the move.

powerful bridge camera zoom

Breathtaking detail, creative freedom: Learn about Canon’s 4K range

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powerful zoom lenses

Keep sight of your subject while zooming

Wildlife and sports stars rarely stay still – Zoom Framing Assist helps you keep track of them. Press a button and the camera quickly zooms out – so you can relocate your subject – zooming back the moment it’s released.

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Take control with confidence

Explore your enthusiasm for photography by choosing your own settings for parameters such as aperture, shutter speed, white balance and ISO. Use advanced manual movie features to take control when shooting video.

zoom framing assist

Shoot comfortably and for longer

Shooting with high-optical zoom requires greater stability. That’s why we’ve combined extensive research and Canon know-how from our EOS DSLRs to create ergonomic grips that help you shoot in comfort – and for longer.

high optical zoom

Share easily and shoot remotely with Wi-Fi

Share your creations using Wi-Fi with Dynamic NFC, which lets you connect and share to compatible smart devices with just one tap. Capture great wildlife shots or selfies with wireless Remote Shooting via the Canon Camera Connect app.

shooting with wi fi
canon camera accessories

Expand your creativity

Push your creativity further with an extensive range of optional accessories including a high-resolution electronic viewfinder and EOS Speedlite flashes.

Enjoy the freedom to travel light

You would need to carry all these lenses with a DSLR to enjoy the same zoom range that a compact Canon bridge camera gives you.

light travel camera

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Not all features are available on all cameras.