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Get creative and have fun printing

Using our wide variety of paper formats, there is no limit to your creativity. Let yourself get inspired by our stories: from creating you own photo albums, to different DYI projects or simply discover the Creative Park world.

Creative Park

The idea: Create a “memories book” with this interactive map

The Paper: Restickable Photo Paper RP-101

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The interactive memories map by Cool Daddy

Canon friend, Robert Diaconeasa, alongside his family, wanted to create a project inspired by one if their favorite activities: travelling. The memories they share from the last 5 years they travelled together are very important to them and they make a point out of printing the best photos after each adventure. Now they took the whole experience to a whole new level and dedicated some time to focus on Romania’s map. By using the restickable papers, they marked all the places they’ve been together and all the places they plan to go to. Fun but also very instructive, as they find it is essential to teach their children from a young age just how beautiful and worth discovering their country is.

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The idea: Create wall Decoration and cookbook

The Paper: Canon Plus Glossy II

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Decoration ideas and recipe book by Oh My Deer Blog

“Oh My Deer Blog” was created by three sisters from Volos, Eygenia, Sofia and Christina and stands out for their sweet and salty creations and photographs. As time passed the recipes got more and more. So, they decided to use PIXMA TS8250 to help them keep their best memories in time and set things in order. With Canon Glossy Paper in different dimensions they created wall decorations for their favorite creations but also a cook book to track down their favorite recipes.

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The idea: Family fun with Creative Park

The paper: Matte Photo Paper MP-101

Fun for the whole family with Antoinette Pepe

Antoanette Peppe is one of the most famous lifestyle&mom vlogger and blogger in Bulgaria. She shares with us her experience while being at home for the past couple of months. That’s when the PIXMA G 3411 comes in handy. Using it to print a variety of coloring books, 3D toy models and different types of games, which look amazing thanks to the incredibly vibrant and bright colors of the Matte Photo Paper MP-101, is a great way for the whole family to have fun.

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The idea: Photo lifetime on the wall for your child

The paper: Magnetic photo paper

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Child lifetime in photos by Canon Ambassador Marina Karpiy

Canon ambassador Canon ambassador Marina Karpiy is a creative mom of 2 children. She always wants to create fun moments for both of her children. Once she found the magnetic photo paper, she was inspired to create something interesting for her daughter, Lizi – a lifetime board with the her photos printed on magnetic paper, so that Lizi can put the photos by herself as she wants. The idea become a great fun activity for all family.

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Croatia 1

The idea: Family game with photographs of the members of the family.

The paper: Magnetic Photo Paper

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Magnetic game with “Lili Halo Decoration" and her family

“Lili Halo Decoration” blog creator Lili works as an interior designer. Lili and her family printed photographs of family members on Magnetic Paper and simply placed them on the magnetic board where they drew a bus. Thanks to the magnets, they can simply move family members around the board to put them on and off the bus. In style of the “Wheels on the bus” song the family members go for a ride by bus. The youngest family member learns the names of the family members and can also take part by moving the members and changing the seat order. With Magnetic Paper, the youngest family members can play. Magnetic Papers can be shaped randomly using scissors.

Croatia 2

The idea: Moodboard creation for the blog and brand

The paper: Restickable Photo Paper RP-101

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Moodboard for “Lili Halo Decoration" brand

“Lili Halo Decoration” blog creator Lili works as an interior designer. She will create a moodboard for her brand and blog. The moodboard will illustrate the aesthetics, colours, style and communication of the brand. With the help of Restickable Paper that you can stick, unstick and then stick again she will combine different patterns and styles that go together best. With Restickable Paper any background, wall or board can become a surface for collecting, rearranging and sorting ideas, patterns and photographs.


The idea: Unique illustrations for printing on fabric iron-on transfers.

The paper: Light Fabric & Dark Fabric Iron-on Transfers

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Graphic designer Tina and her custom fabric prints “Artmelon"

A couple of years ago, Tina decided to make her own brand “Artmelon” for custom hand-made T-shirts represented by a relaxed, stylish and creative female figure. When a customer orders only one or only few unique T-shirts or other cotton products, the option of making it herself at home is very useful. With her PIXMA printer she can print any pattern, slogan or illustration on A4 format and iron it onto any kind of cotton material – dark or white. This way, she makes a cotton bag for a friend, a surprise matching T-shirt for her boyfriend and a repurposed pair of short jeans with an illustrated patch on the back pocket. By making your own illustration or downloading it from the internet, you can completely renew your wardrobe and make unique presents for any kind of occasions again and again.

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Magnetic photo paper MG 101

Transform your photos into decorative boards, gifts or movable decorations with our Canon's Magnetic Photo Paper MG-101.



Restickable Photo Paper RP-101

The possibilities are endless with the restickable photo paper from Canon. The restickable paper allows you to do a wide range of things, from peeling and resticking multiple times without damaging walls, to creating fun and interactive activities with the little ones.

Canon Plus Glossy II PP-201

Canon’s Photo Paper Plus Glossy II is the perfect photo paper for superior quality output with a glossy finish. It provides the perfect finish for digital photographs and all your reprints.



Matte Photo Paper MP-101

Canon’s Photo Paper MP-101 would make every image pop out with its bright and vibrant colours, that’s why it is the right type of paper for more creative projects or for your precious photos which will look great for longer time.

Fabric Iron-on Transfers LF-101

Unleash your inner fashionista with Canon’s user-friendly iron-on transfers. From personalized totes to trendy tees, it’s never been easier to get creative and switch up your style.