Discover how the small but mighty Canon PowerShot V10 is elevating content creation

Four top influencers share how Canon's compact vlogging camera is the perfect partner for creating content across a range of genres – from sports to food, lifestyle and beauty.
Vegan food and lifestyle vlogger Madeleine Olivia films herself and her dog with a Canon PowerShot V10.

The Canon PowerShot V10 is the ideal pocket-friendly camera for content creators. At just 211g, it's portable enough to go everywhere but packed full of clever features to make vlogging quick and easy without sacrificing quality. Despite the camera's small size, it is capable of recording sharp 4K UHD video, and its dual large-diameter built-in microphones ensure excellent audio for footage and voiceovers.

With a fixed wide-angle lens, the PowerShot V10 captures an expansive view for pieces to camera or group shots, and it can even be used as a webcam. Thanks to built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity and the free Canon Camera Connect app, it's possible to livestream straight to social channels, control the camera remotely and send files to a smartphone for instant uploads to social media.

Here, we meet four prolific influencers from across Europe who are using the PowerShot V10 to create their most engaging and immersive content yet. From delicious vegan cooking to beauty vlogs, the PowerShot V10 has unlocked exciting creative possibilities and made their workflow faster and easier. Read on to discover how Canon's smallest vlogging camera is making a big impact.

Manon Lanza's action vlogging

Sports vlogger Manon Lanza holds a Canon PowerShot V10 out to capture her movements as she rides a skateboard up a skate ramp.

"It's always been my motivation to tell girls that they can do whatever they want to," explains sports vlogger Manon Lanza, who found that the Canon PowerShot V10 really opened up her options with its ease of use and technical specs. Its built-in stand enabled her to position the camera on a skate ramp to film wider shots, but she particularly loved carrying it in her hand: "to make my audience feel as if they are right next to me." © Manon Lanza

A young woman holding a skateboard puts a Canon PowerShot V10 into the pocket of her dungarees.

"When you use a big camera, there are so many options and settings. On the Canon PowerShot V10, it's just very easy, with one big button on the front to start recording," says Manon. © Manon Lanza

Based in France, athlete and extreme sports lover Manon Lanza creates content that champions women in surf, skate and snow sports. Whether she's recording at the skatepark or with friends at the beach, she needs a camera that can keep up.

"I love to be in motion, and during sport, I don't usually have a backpack so I need something small," Manon explains. The Canon PowerShot V10 can go where a bigger camera can't, which gave her a whole new tool for shooting on the move. "The PowerShot V10's size is amazing when I go skating, as it fits in my pocket. The 4K quality is absolutely great if you want to film vlogs and don't want to miss a moment."

Manon likes to capture footage on the fly and the camera's Face Tracking autofocus and Movie Digital IS kept her in focus while walking and even during the twists and turns of skateboarding, ensuring her followers could stay with her, no matter how tricky her moves. She was also excited by the PowerShot V10's built-in microphones, and the windshield which helps to reduce muffled audio outside. "I was so impressed when I went to film my friend, and you could hear the wheels perfectly on the ground. The audio is so good I can also use it to record voiceovers."

Madeleine Olivia's vegan food and lifestyle channel

A Canon PowerShot V10 is set up on its stand on a window ledge in vegan food and lifestyle vlogger Madeleine Olivia's cottage.

"When I film, I usually have to set up the camera on a tripod," explains food and lifestyle vlogger Madeleine Olivia, but the Canon PowerShot V10's built-in stand enabled her to position the camera in seconds and shoot steadily from different locations in her cottage. © Madeleine Olivia

Vegan food and lifestyle vlogger Madeleine Olivia films herself preparing a recipe in her kitchen with a Canon PowerShot V10.

Madeleine was surprised by the quality of the Canon PowerShot V10, and found its lens to be more versatile for vlogging than a typical selfie view on a smartphone. "It's so much better than a phone," she says. © Madeleine Olivia

Vegan food vlogger Madeleine Olivia is an advocate for simple and sustainable living. She's been sharing plant-based recipes and renovation videos from her beautiful cottage in Cornwall in the UK for more than seven years and has amassed more than 550K followers on YouTube. "I started out with a Canon DSLR, and then I bought the Canon PowerShot G7 X [now succeeded by the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III] for its flip screen."

Madeleine found the 5cm LCD tilting touchscreen on the Canon PowerShot V10 perfect for composing food videos in front of and behind the camera. "The Face Tracking autofocus is really important for food vlogging. I can set up a shot and have the focus switch seamlessly from the food I'm eating back to my face."

Whether she's creating decoration tutorials at home or filming while shopping, the PowerShot V10 gives Madeleine stable footage without the need for a tripod. "The built-in stand – and the fact I can angle it – is life-changing. It's so small that I could vlog in the supermarket and stay unnoticed. Being able to attach an external mic to the camera opens up even more possibilities."

Celia Castle's travel and lifestyle vlog

Travel and lifestyle vlogger Celia Castle stands in a park and smiles into a Canon PowerShot V10, which she holds out in front of her.

The wide-angle lens on the Canon PowerShot V10 means lifestyle vlogger Celia Castle can immerse her viewers in the scene. "I'm a real fan of the wide-angle lens, especially for vlogs," she says. © Celia Castle

Celia Castle has always used Canon cameras to share her everyday life with the world. "I'm from a very small town in the north of Spain. Growing up, there weren't a lot of kids around, so I just had the internet." In around 2010, Celia discovered YouTube, became obsessed with fashion videos and her passion for lifestyle vlogging was born. "My dad always had a small digital Canon camera and after two or three years, he bought me a DSLR. I also had the Canon EOS 700D [now succeeded by the Canon EOS 850D] with a flip screen, which was amazing."

Celia immediately loved the size of the Canon PowerShot V10 in her hand. "You can carry it everywhere; to a concert, on a trip." As the camera's large 1.0-inch CMOS sensor gathers more light, it gave Celia the confidence to record after dark.

Celia's YouTube videos are often shot on the road, and the PowerShot V10's wireless connections enabled her to share her content more easily. "I've been using the free Canon Camera Connect app to transfer videos and photos to my phone. It's convenient when travelling without a laptop, especially for TikTok uploads.

"This is one of the first times I've seen a brand making a camera specifically for content creators. It shows that they have been listening to our needs," she adds.

Beauty vlogging with Uche Natori

Beauty vlogger Uche Natori films herself with a Canon PowerShot V10.

The Canon PowerShot V10 allows Uche to record and share footage directly to social channels. "I've been filming in horizontal and vertical formats, for long- and short-form content. It's so nice that you can import videos straight to your phone, then just edit and upload." © Uche Natori

Nigerian blogger Uche Natori has become a major influencer in the fashion and beauty scene in London in the UK. "I started doing this as a hobby more than 10 years ago, and I've been doing it full-time for six years," she says.

Uche shares make-up tutorials and lifestyle content with more than 540K followers across YouTube and other social channels. For her, the Canon PowerShot V10's size is perfect to carry at events. "It's smaller, surface area-wise than my phone." The low weight doesn't mean low-quality footage, however. "The 4K is a step up from other point-and-shoots and the wide view is really trending."

The PowerShot V10's versatile flip screen tilts through 180 degrees, so Uche could easily change settings and set the digital zoom level while filming. The camera has Auto and Manual exposure modes, as well as 14 colour filters to choose from. "When the screen flips up, all of the buttons are on the back," says Uche. She also likes that it's a touchscreen as it enables her to easily adjust the settings.

After shooting, Uche found sharing easy too. "With the Canon Camera Connect app on your phone, you can just transfer the content over, which is great for instant uploads."

Wherever, whenever and however you love to create, the quality and features of the PowerShot V10 allow you to blend in while your content stands out. With a stand, self-timer and face tracking, you'll never struggle to set up a vlog again. With wireless communication, you can share instantly or even livestream. And with 4K UHD video and 15.2MP stills, you'll have the power to create stunning content, right from your pocket.

Written by Lauren Scott

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