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Rise and Shoot turns creativity into action, confidence and careers. This summer they have partnered with Canon Sweden to hold their first exhibition.
ASA TORNQUIST Åsa Törnquist PR & Events Specialist, Canon Sweden

I usually say that all people are creative, but what sets us apart is that we actually make something out of the creative ideas we possess.

Yusuf Hussein is a driven young man. Often described as the only ‘creative’ in his circle of friends, the only difference he sees between him and them is action – taking ideas and making something of them. Yusuf’s need to turn his ideas into something tangible has seen him write and direct films and become an award-winning poet. It’s also why Yusuf and his friends Amina Mohamed and Fatuma Yussuf have been instrumental in creating ‘Rise and Shoot’ – a Stockholm-based creative education programme that offers a year-long opportunity for young people to learn the fundamentals of photography.
The three describe Rise and Shoot as “an inclusive community”. They are all about working together to create opportunities for young people and view the local creative industry as being a place of restrictive uniformity. They’ve observed how hard it is for young people of the suburbs from different backgrounds to break through into creative roles. Yusuf, who as well as being the co-founder has assumed the role of Executive Director of Rise & Shoot, explains, “Unfortunately, many initiatives [in his hometown of Rinkeby, Stockholm] are project-based. Success exists in the continuous, is my opinion. For that reason, I felt no doubt that I needed to found Rise and Shoot and create opportunities for others who have a passion for photography, but neither a parent nor contact in those industries.”

Five men stand around a large format printer, watching as it produces a large red and black print.

This year’s intake at Rise and Shoot are having their work exhibited at Stockholm’s Changers Hub, courtesy of POD Sthlm Print on Demand and Canon Sweden.

The courses offered by Rise and Shoot are, therefore, a whole year long. This year the team are working with twelve students, who gained their places through an application process that simply assesses their raw talent, drive to succeed and a selection of their existing images. As well as the technical and creative aspects of photography, these students have had behind-the-scenes insights into print, visiting local print service provider, POD Sthlm Print on Demand. They were able to watch and ask questions as their artwork was printed, courtesy of Canon Sweden, in preparation for an exhibition at the newly opened Changers Hub in Kista, Stockholm. “As a leading image company, we want to contribute to a positive societal change by enabling more creators to take a place,” explains Matteus Celinski, Country Director Professional Printing Products, Canon Sweden, describing the partnership.

Two of these artworks have been printed on plexiglass and will be permanent exhibits at the new Kista Changers Hub, a space which aligns perfectly with both the aims of Rise and Shoot and Canon. The hub’s vision is “to democratise success so that all young people have the same opportunity to realise their ideas and influence their future.” Yusuf is overjoyed to have such harmonious support. “I would like to sincerely thank Changers Hub for opening up another hub, this time in Stockholm's tech centre, in order to promote entrepreneurship, media and tech,” he says. “Together with Canon, which has helped us with the production of all the prints for the exhibition, they make a real difference and really work towards a more inclusive creative world.”

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The following photographers will be participating in the exhibition: Benjamin Samsudin, Betelihm Abraha, Fardowsa Abdi, Hanan Adan, Idris Osman, Kamal Abdi, Li Danielsson, Merjem Olevic, Samer Tlili and Samrawit Issak.

Åsa Törnquist PR & Events Specialist, Canon Sweden

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