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How a flash of feeling becomes a memory forever

A world without storytellers would be a very dull place indeed. From 40,000 year-old cave paintings, to spectacular masterpieces rendered in complex colour and far beyond… where today’s visual epics are depicted in cinema, gaming and augmented reality. Human beings have always needed to share their view of the world.

But no two storytellers are the same. We all have our own style of sharing and a different idea of what’s important – and who! Which kind of storyteller are you?

The Free Spirit

Fashionable, fun and often found in-flight, the Free Spirit is always on the go around their favourite towns and cities, living in the moment. If you’re a free-spirited storyteller, you’re likely to keep your phone close to hand because you see things you want to share everywhere – that funny road sign, your friends on their bikes or just a lovely sunset as you travel home from work – and the pictures you post on Facebook and Instagram keep you connected with the people you love the most.

The Creative

The Creative is a thinker, who often sees the world a little bit differently and likes to explore and take time over the stories they create and share. If you’re a creative storyteller, you place real importance on your subjects and will take great care to do them justice – even if this means you need to learn new ways to do so. You value depth and quality in the images you create, seeking out like-minded people online to learn from and share with.

A young woman, bent over to take a photograph with a Canon camera.
Telling stories is as old as time, but what kind of storyteller are you?

The Sharer

The world of The Sharer is one heck of a place to be. Adventure is the name of the game. So, if you’re a sharing storyteller then you’re always on the go, leaving a flurry of amazing Instagrams behind you! But that’s not to say you’re just a ‘shares in squares’ kind of person, you’re far too stylish for that. You experiment and learn as you go. Some days are for smartphone snaps, or vibrant video. Others are for making sure momentous events have the perfect slick shoot for posterity.

The Treasurer

When every day is a gift, The Treasurer is the person who spots the most precious moments and gives them the attention they deserve. If you’re a treasurer, you have a knack for creating stories that resonate, finding the little moments of joy that make the human heart sing and remind us all what is important in life. When you tell stories, people remember them.

The Artist

As the name might suggest, The Artist likes to create masterpieces. Rich, powerful stories with depth and insight, crafted meticulously with precision and rigorous attention to detail. Every story you tell is a true labour of love because, after all, time taken in the pursuit of perfection is never time wasted when you’re an artist. And the results? Well, they’re everything we’d expect from you because if they weren’t, no one would ever get to see them, right?

Written by Beth Simpson

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