Device monitoring and management solution for fleets large and small

iW Management

Maximise your office productivity by cutting through the challenges of managing a fleet and focusing on core business tasks.

Smart device monitoring and discovery from Canon’s iWEMC streamline tasks, accelerate efficiency and save costs.

Key Benefits

Simplify printer driver management and deployment Simplify printer driver management and deployment

Enhanced fleet visibility from a single point of control

Reduce infrastructure Reduce infrastructure

Increased productivity through streamlined processes

Minimise IT helpdesk calls and empower the end user Minimise IT helpdesk calls and empower the end user

Simplified tasks with automated management

Minimise IT helpdesk calls Minimise IT helpdesk calls

Reduced burden on IT and improved operational costs

Minimise downtime

Consumables and device monitoring boost productivity by flagging relevant status errors, such as paper jams or low toner, with the accountable administrator.

Automate device registration

Secure SNMP protocol and Multicast device discovery functions replace time-consuming registration by automatically detecting devices across multiple subnets.

Utilise remote diagnostics

Integration with Canon’s eMaintenance Remote Diagnostics System enables fast, remote fixes for device complications, without calling out a technician.*

Minimise downtime

Update firmware simultaneously

Easily action device firmware updates to multiple devices at the same time and minimise disruption by scheduling operation overnight or at weekends.*

Improve cost control

Optimise the deployment of resources with company-wide visibility of device usage and costs from locally captured and consolidated meter reading reports.*

Efficiently configure device settings

Streamline system and application management by configuring MEAP applications and distributing detailed back-up or restoration settings to multiple devices at once.*

* requires additional plug-in for iWMC version 3.4

Automate device registration

Key Features

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