See it. Shoot it.

Whether you’re progressing from a smartphone or moving on from a DSLR, the EOS R10 gets you up and running quickly, shooting creatively in ways you couldn’t before.
Canon EOS R10 - Benefit - More Simple

Next-generation EOS R tech meets easy-to-use design – a winning combination that helps you explore wherever you go.

For those new to photography, or to Canon EOS cameras, a guided user interface is available. When activated it teaches not only how to use your camera, but also about the principles of photography. And when you’re ready to switch off the guided user interface, the camera’s standard displays and menus are quick and intuitive. A design so good you’ll forget it’s even there.

Your window to the world

The EOS R10’s 2.36 million dot EVF delivers a clear, lifelike view of the world and shows exactly how a captured image or movie clip will appear – with 100 per cent coverage. It allows you to preview exposure, depth of field, white balance, Picture Style and much more.

 Canon EOS R10 - EVF

It’s comfortable, even when you’re shooting all day, thanks to a 120fps refresh rate1, 0.95x magnification and a 22mm eyepoint that’s set back from the camera body. A 60fps power saving mode is also available. The information shown is customisable, so you can stay informed without getting distracted. The viewfinder can also be adjusted to suit your eyesight, from -3 to +1 m-1 diopter.

Canon EOS R10 - OVF Assist Comparison

OVF Assist mode to help those transitioning from cameras with optical viewfinders, such as DSLRs. It simulates the experience of an optical viewfinder, using HDR technology to reveal details in dark shadows and bright highlights, instead of previewing picture effects.

The EVF is complemented by a large 7.5cm 1.04 million dot Vari-Angle touchscreen display that lets you compose and shoot from high up or low down, so you can take a different view of your subject. It’s also great for shooting video.

Canon EOS R10 - Vari-Angle touchscreen

APS-C meets EOS R

We built the EOS R10 around an APS-C sensor measuring approx. 22.3 x 14.9 mm. This gives your lenses 1.6x more telephoto reach compared with the same focal length on a full-frame camera, and makes the EOS R10 smaller and lighter too – the ideal travel companion. Isolate distant details in landscapes and get close to wildlife in the park, filling the frame for maximum impact.

Canon EOS R10 - APS-C vs Full-frame comparison

Customisable controls that work for you

Those coming to the EOS R10 from the DSLR world won’t take long to get used to the new camera. Controls are where you’d expect to find them – right under your fingers and thumbs – and navigating menu pages will feel familiar, but with improvements.

Canon EOS R10 - Custom Controls

There are custom shooting modes that let you access pre-programmed camera settings instantly, as well as a customisable My Menu screen, that can be populated with your most-used menu options. Custom function buttons are available too, which let you adjust settings while you’re shooting, without taking your eye away from your subject.

  1. The maximum frame rate during AF, half-press of the shutter button, or continuous shooting is 59.94 fps. Note that the display frame rate may be lower depending on the lens you are using and shooting conditions.

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    Capturing split-second moments

    Life moves pretty fast, so you'll need a camera with plenty of speed to capture those unrepeatable moments


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    Shoot incredible video with the same camera you use for superb photos. The EOS R10 is a highly capable content creator, empowering you to tell your story with still or moving images.


    A super-connected camera

    EOS quality meets smartphone convenience – a perfect combination for anyone who likes to shoot content for social media, edit on the move, or control their camera remotely. Whether you’re a blogger, an influencer or you just like sharing images with friends and family, it’s never been easier to get your creativity online.


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