Professional Video Cameras

Canon XA20



  • Full HD
  • HD Video Lens
  • Wide Angle Lens
  • 20x Optical Zoom
  • Steady shots in every situation
  • Steady shooting on the move
  • Superb low-light shooting
  • DIGIC Processing Power
  • Built-in WiFi for easy remote control
  • 8-Bladed Circular Aperture
  • 28Mbps AVCHD recording
  • 35 Mbps MP4 recording
  • Perfect audio to match the scene
  • Professional Audio
  • 8.8cm Organic LED touch screen
  • Dual SDXC card slots
  • Instant Auto Focus

Specifications in detail


  • Sensor

    1/2.84 type HD CMOS Pro

  • System

    Bayer pattern filter

  • Total pixels per sensor

    Approx. 3.09 megapixels

  • Effective pixels per sensor

    Approx. 2.91 megapixels (2136 x 1362)

  • Minimum illumination

    Auto: 1.0 lux

    Slow Shutter: 0.1 lux

  • Horizontal Resolution

    1000 TV lines or more (Full HD recording)

  • Zoom ratio


  • Focal length

    26.8 - 576mm (35mm equivalent / 28.8-576mm with Dynamic IS on)

  • Minimum focus distance

    60cm (throughout zoom range);

    10mm (wide angle)

  • ND filter

    Built-in gradation filter (Auto or Off)

  • Zoom control

    Zoom rockers on body and handle;

    Selectable manual zoom/focus ring on lens;

    Selectable High Speed and Soft Zoom modes available.

  • Zoom speed

    Variable (body rocker only) or Constant speed (body and handle rocker; Fast/Normal/Slow, 16 speed level settings in each)

  • Focus control

    MANUAL: Lens ring, Touchscreen OLED (touch Focus, Touch and Track), Focus Preset

    AUTO: Face Priority AF / Face Only AF / Instant AF / Medium AF / TV AF

  • Iris control

    Custom dial; Touchscreen; Auto

  • Aperture range

    f1.8 - f8

  • Filter diameter


  • Lens elements/groups


  • Aperture blades

    8 Blade Circular Aperture

  • Image stabilization system

    Optical lens shift system (angle & vector movement detection) + electronic stabilisation;

    4 modes: Intelligent (Auto), Dynamic, Standard, Powered

  • Digital zoom

    Up to 400x;

    Built-in 2x Digital Teleconverter (cannot be used with Digital Zoom

  • Type

    DIGIC DV 4


  • Video storage media

    SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card (2 card slots);

    Dual Format recording, Double slot (simultaneous) recording and Relay (continuous) recording possible.¹

  • Type

    Class 6 (or higher) cards recommended for 1080/50P recording;

    Class 4 (or higher) cards recommended for other Full HD recording


  • Recording time

    128GB SDXC card:

    10hrs 10mins (AVCHD max. quality)¹

    8hrs 00mins (MP4 max. quality)¹

    91hrs 55mins (MP4 lowest quality)¹

  • Recording file format

    AVCHD Progressive (v2.0, high profile);


  • Recording format

    AVCHD (all modes variable bit rate, 4:2:0 colour sampling):

    1920x1080: 50p (28Mbps, linear PCM audio available);

    1920x1080: 50i/PF25 (24Mbps, 17Mbps);

    1440x1080: 50i/PF25 (5Mbps)

    MP4 (all modes variable bit rate, 4:2:0 colour sampling):

    1920x1080: 50p (35Mbps);

    1920x1080: 25P (24Mbps, 17Mbps);

    1280x720: 25P (4Mbps);

    640x360: 25P (3Mbps)

Recording frame rate

  • Slow/Fast motion

    YES (MP4 HD mode only, 2x fast motion, 0.5x slow motion)

  • Interval Record


  • Frame Record


  • Pre Record (cache record)

    YES (3 seconds)

  • Scan Reverse


  • HD->SD conversion

    YES (AVCHD to MP4)

  • Internal Data Transfer

    MOVIE & STILLS: Yes (card to card)

  • Photo storage media

    SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card

  • Still quality

    During video recording or playback: 1920 x 1080/1280 x 720/640 x 360


  • Type

    Capacitive Organic LED

  • Size

    8.8cm (3.5"), 100% view

  • Dots

    1.23 million-dot equivalent

  • Image quality adjustments

    Brightness, backlight, OLED colour balance

  • Adjustable

    YES (270 degree rotation about horizontal axis)

  • Waveform Monitor


  • Focus Assist

    Peaking; Magnifying

  • Peaking


  • Zebra

    YES (70% or 100% reference level)

  • Markers

    ON/OFF (Level, Grid)

  • Size

    0.61cm (0.24"), 100% view

  • Dots

    1.56 million dots equivalent

  • Adjustable

    YES (tiltable to 45 degrees)

  • Correction lens

    + 2.0 to -5.5 diopter

  • Audio in

    XLR inputs with 48V phantom power (x2), 3.5mm microphone input jack

  • Headphone output

    3.5mm stereo jack

  • Video monitor output


  • HDMI

    YES (HDMI™ mini connector, output only, 1080/50p output possible)

  • IEEE 1394 (Firewire)


  • USB

    YES (Mini-B, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, output only)

  • HD/SD-SDI output


  • Time code

    YES (Superimposed on HDMI Output signal)

  • Genlock


  • Component out


  • AV terminal

    3.5mm mini jack (output only for video and audio)

  • DC input


  • Remote Control Terminal

    2.5mm mini jack

  • Colour Bars

    YES (SMPTE or EBU), with 1KHz Tone

  • Tally lamp

    YES, in detachable handle

  • Accessory shoe

    YES (cold shoe)

  • Custom key

    YES (5 assignable buttons; select from 22 functions)

  • Custom Dial

    YES (Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Manual Exposure, exposure compensation, AGC limit)

Shooting functions

  • Exposure metering

    Centre-weighted average or segment evaluative (determined by shooting mode);

Exposure range

  • Exposure compensation

    -3 to +3 EV (12 steps);

    Backlight Correction available (Auto or always on)

Zebra Pattern

  • Auto Exposure mode

    Smart Auto, Face Detection AE;

    Manual control via Touch Exposure and Exposure Compensation functions.

  • Push Auto Iris

    YES (via touchscreen)

Exposure Lock

  • Auto Gain Control setting

    Auto / Manual

  • Auto Gain Control limit

    0 to 24dB, 1dB increments (0 to 18dB in Cinema Mode)

  • Gain setting

    0 to 24dB, 1dB increments (0 to 18dB in Cinema Mode)

  • Control Modes

    Full Auto / Manual control (touchscreen LCD or control dial)

  • Shutter speed

    1/6 to 1/2000 (depending on Scene Mode and frame rate)

  • Clear Scan


  • Infrared shooting mode

    YES (green or white)

  • Built-in IR lamp

    YES, in detachable handle

  • OIS Axis Shift


  • Focal Length Guide


  • Smart AUTO


  • Program AE


    M mode: P, Tv, Av, M (manual exposure), SCN (Portrait, Sports, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Night, Low Light, Spotlight, Fireworks);

    Cinema mode: P, Tv, Av, M

  • Cinema Features

    Cinema-Look Filter (9 options, including customisable 'Cinema Standard')

  • Image Effects

    Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Colour Depth

  • Wireless LAN standards

    IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz band) / IEEE 802.11a/n (5GHz band)¹

  • Supported Wi-Fi Functions

    Remote Operation; Movie Uploader (YouTube and Facebook)²; Playback (in browser); Media Server; FTP File Transfer

  • Supported Browser for Remote Operation

    Internet Explorer 8 or later, Safari (iOS), Safari (MacOS), Android standard browser

  • Remote Operation Control Features

    Aperture, Focus, WB, shutter Speed, Gain, Exposure Compensation, Shooting Mode, Slot select, Start/Stop Recording

Other information

  • Live view image Resolution

    Camera setting mode: 680 x 383; Simplified setting: 284 x 160

  • Authentication Systems


  • Encryption

    WEP64, WEP128, TKIP, AES

  • GPS Information (Optional Accessory)

    Latitude/Longtitude/Elevation, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

  • Auto


  • Preset

    6: Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten (incandescent lamps or halogen bulbs), Fluorescent H (3-wavelength type fluorescent), Fluorescent (white fluorescent)

  • Manual setting

    Set 1, Set 2, Colour Temperature (2,000–15,000 K, 100K steps)

  • Countup system

    Regen/Rec Run/Free Run/Preset (Non-Drop Frame)

  • Start value setting

    “00:00:00:00”, Set/Reset selectable

  • Recording

    AVCHD: Linear PCM¹ (2ch, 16 bit, 48 kHz) or Dolby Digital (AC-3 2ch, 48kHz)

    MP4: MPEG-2 AAC LC (2 ch)

  • Control

    Audio controls include:

    Independent 2ch Line/Mic/Mic+48V input;

    Independent level control per channel (-∞ to +18 dB);

    Independent audio limiters (2 ch);

    Input mic trimming

Inpt MIC trimming

  • Microphone attenuation

    Auto/On/Off (20dB)

  • Microphone level meter


  • Zoom Microphone

    YES (customisable frequency response and directivity)


  • Supplied

    Lens hood with barrier, Mic holder unit, Handle unit (HDU-1), Wireless Controller (WL-D89), Battery Pack BP-820, High Speed HDMI Cable (HTC100/S), Compact Power unit CA-570, AC Cable, Interface Cable (IFC-300PCU/S), Stereo Video Cable (STV-250N), Data Import Utility Ver2.0

  • Optional

    Canon Battery Pack BP-820/BP-828

    Canon Compact Power Adapter CA-570,

    Canon Battery Charger CG-800E/CG-800B,

    Canon HDMI cable HTC-100,

    Canon Stereo Video Cable STV-250N,

    Canon Tele Converter TL-H58,

    Canon Wide Attachment WA-H58,

    Canon Wireless Microphone WM-V1,

    Canon Soft Carrying Case SC-2000,

    Canon PROTECT Filter 58 mm, Canon ND4-L Filter 58 mm, Canon ND8-L Filter 58 mm,

    Canon GPS Receiver GP-E2,

    Canon Battery Video Light VL-10Li/VL-10LiII (Model A/B only),

    Canon Battery Pack BP-900 series (for VL-10Li/VL-10LiII),

    Canon Compact Power Adapter CA-910/920/930 (for charging BP-900 series)

  • Backup power supply

    Lithium coin battery (built-in)

  • Power Consumption

    4.9W¹ (AVCHD) / 4.8W (MP4)¹

  • Continuous Recording Time

    Supplied BP-820: Approx. 145 minutes¹

    Optional BP-828: Approx. 220 minutes¹


  • Dimensions

    Approx. 109 x 84 x 182 mm (main body only)

    Approx. 131 x 180 x 231 mm (fully equipped)

  • Detachable handle


  • Weight (camera only)

    Approx. 765 g

  • Weight (fully equipped)

    Approx. 1155 g

  • Operating Temperature range

    -5ºC to +45ºC, 60% relative humidity

All specifications are subject to change without notice

  1. ¹ After 12 hours of continuous recording, camcorder will stop recording and re-start automatically. Simultaneous/Dual Format recording not available in 1080/50P modes.

  2. ¹ After 12 hours of continuous recording, camcorder will stop recording and re-start automatically. Simultaneous/Dual Format recording not available in 1080/50P modes.

  3. ¹ 5Ghz not available in Qatar

  4. ² iOS devices only, excludes MP4 1080/50P mode

  5. ¹ AVCHD 1080/50P mode only

  6. ¹ 28Mbps / 35Mbps recording, normal EVF brightness

  7. ¹ 28Mbps / 35Mbps recording, normal EVF brightness