To increase the safety of document printing and capturing, Vzajemna Health Insurance Company opted for Canon’s certified partner, Copia biro, which developed an application based on the MEAP platform.

We were seeking better safety solutions as we wanted to reduce the number of manual tasks that the employees were performing several times a day and that were taking up valuable time, as well as a more stable system and simpler document management.

First steps of collaboration

There is a considerable need for safe printing and capturing of documents in a company with more than 300 employees. At the beginning the process of printing and capturing documents was time-consuming and awkward for users, not to mention the frequent standstills when the operating system was being updated.

Prior to selecting the provider, Vzajemna was considering different technical options, by also involving the supplier of the electronic document system. Not only did the fleet of leased printers and scanners must be renewed, but specific safety approaches, management centralisation and a high level of traceability of the documents were also required. The capture of documents should take place through a web service from a multifunction device to a document system.

Capturing of documents to network drive folders or sending of the documents to e-mail addresses was not reaching the required safety level, so Copia biro, Canon certified partner, has developed an application based on the MEAP platform.

Safe printing and copying at Vzajemna

Automated device control

The use of previous solution often led to problems with operating system updates. Their IT support received multiple calls which are now gone because Canon devices are much more stable. Furthermore, they manage the fleet of network multifunction devices with the iWEMC console, which enables devices to send their status through a common hub. Replenishment of toners is simplified, and errors are detected at a very early stage.

Vzajemna praises the exemplary cooperation between Copia biro and Canon. They quickly established an efficient environment for safe usage that works in accordance with the basic guidelines and policies of the insurance industry.

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