Never break your creative flow

Even though it’s bristling with new technology, the EOS R7 will feel familiar and comfortable to anyone who’s used a Canon EOS DSLR before. And if you haven’t, we know you’re going to like it all the same.
Canon EOS R7 - Moving to Mirrorless, Never break your flow.

A move to the mirrorless EOS R system brings huge creative benefits, enabling you to shoot in ways you couldn’t before. It’s a big change but be assured: your existing kit will work just fine with the EOS R7.

Your window on the world

The camera’s 2.36-million dot electronic viewfinder is large, bright and detailed, offering 100 per cent coverage and previewing exactly how a photo will look when it’s captured – including exposure, white balance, Picture Style and depth of field. Viewfinder lag and blackout has been all but eliminated, leaving you with a natural and immersive experience.

Canon EOS R7 - Your window to the world

It’s comfortable to use, even for long periods of time, thanks to 1.15x magnification and a 22mm eyepoint that’s set back from the camera body. The refresh rate is a speedy 120fps2, which gives a natural view of moving objects. This can be switched between power-saving mode or smooth mode, for the highest performance.

The APS-C advantage

When you need to get close, but you can’t get any closer, the EOS R7 gives you a big advantage. The camera is built around an APS-C sized sensor, which gives your lenses 1.6x more telephoto reach compared with the same focal length used on a full-frame camera.

That’s a massive boost for wildlife, sports and action photography, where filling the frame from a distance is everything. Get images like the pros with equipment that’s substantially lighter and more portable, so it won’t slow you down.

Canon EOS R7 - APS-C vs Fullframe Comparison

DSLR friendly

Those coming to the EOS R7 from the DSLR world won’t take long to get used to the new camera. Controls are where you’d expect to find them and navigating menu pages will feel familiar – but with improvements. There’s even an OVF Assist mode that simulates the experience of an optical viewfinder – which uses HDR technology to reveal details in dark shadows and bright highlights – instead of previewing picture effects.

Canon EOS R7 - OVF Assist Comparison

Canon EF and EF-S lenses are compatible with the EOS R7 via a lens adapter (there are three in the range). AF, AE, IS and most other lens technologies work just as you remember them.

The EOS R7 also uses the same LP-E6 family of batteries as featured on many of our DSLRs, including the EOS 7D series and the EOS 70D, EOS 80D and EOS 90D – making it easy to share batteries amongst camera bodies.1

Intuitive controls

Each EOS camera is an evolution in design, building on the cameras that came before it while also adding new features. For example, the EOS R7 features an AF point selection joystick that’s surrounded by a Control Wheel – a combination of two classic EOS controls. You’ll find this right next to the camera’s viewfinder, just where your thumb rests when you’re holding it, perfect for fast, instinctive shooting.

Canon EOS R7 - Intuitive Controls

A focus-mode switch sits on the front of the camera and is easy to find with the camera at your eye. This lets photographers switch easily between autofocus and manual focus, even with lenses that don’t have their own focus switch. In the centre of the switch is a customisable function button that can be programmed to perform a number of different roles.

Canon EOS R7 - Controls

As you’d expect of an EOS camera, many of its controls are customisable, so they can be programmed to work just the way you like. The main menu system features a customisable My Menu screen that keeps your most-used commands together in one place and three custom shooting modes let you recall your favourite way of working instantly.

A Vari-Angle touchscreen lets photographers compose and shoot from unusual angles and new perspectives and allows video users shoot comfortably and with maximum stability.

Confidence-inspiring build quality

The EOS R7 resists dust, dirt and water thanks to its robust magnesium alloy construction and dozens of protective rubber seals3. If you’re working in challenging environments, or if the weather takes a turn for the worst, you can carry on shooting with confidence – and never miss a moment.

But this robust build quality doesn’t make the EOS R7 heavy to carry. In fact, it’s lighter and more portable than the EOS 7D Mark II, making it a superb choice for photographers on the move.

Canon EOS R7 - Sealing

Twice the storage, double the security

The EOS R7’s dual UHS-II SD memory card slots let you shoot with confidence when the pressure’s on. They can be configured in a number of ways.

For automatic backup – a great option when shooting crucial events and you need an insurance policy in case the worst happens. A favourite tactic for travel photographers.

Overflow – When one card is full, the camera will automatically store pictures on the second, so you don’t have to stop shooting for a moment. Great for weddings, wildlife and sports events when you don’t want to miss a second.

JPEG to one card; RAW to another – save a set of proofs separately to the RAW files you’ll use for editing.

Movies to one card; photos to another – Stay organised with your content, or use a larger card for video and a smaller one for stills. Great for hybrid shooting at events or on documentary projects.

Canon EOS R7 - Twice the storage

Accessory shoe

The EOS R7 has an advanced new hotshoe for the quick and easy connection of new devices and accessories. These include a digital microphone and an XLR microphone adapter, for the soundtracks your movies deserve. Selected Speedlites and Speedlite transmitters also connect to the camera this way, so you can take control over lighting.

Canon EOS R7 - Accessory Shoe
  1. With LP-E6NH / LP-E6N, charging over USB is supported. With LP-E6 or unauthenticated batteries, charging over USB is not supported. Batteries may not be charged unless the remaining battery level is low.
  2. The maximum frame rate during AF, half-press of the shutter button, or continuous shooting is 59.94 fps. Note that the display frame rate may be lower depending on the lens you are using and shooting conditions.
  3. Although the camera is designed to be dustproof and moisture-proof, it cannot guarantee complete exclusion of dust, dirt, water, salt, etc. from entry. See specifications for details

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    We've given the EOS R7 deep-learning AI and iTR AF technology you'll find in our EOS R3, EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras.


    Speed and Performance

    The perfect photographic moment can last just fractions of a second, which is why we designed the EOS R7 to be exceptionally fast.


    Image Quality

    Whether you're shooting stills or video, the EOS R7 32.5 megapixel CMOS sensor and DIGIC X image process deliver stunning results.


    Next Level Image Stablisation

    Imagine being able to shoot long-exposure photos handheld, intentionally blurring moving subjects without reaching for a tripod.


    Connect with your audience

    The EOS R7 is a connected camera, able to work hand-in-hand with your smartphone, tablet or computer via the Canon Camera Connect app.


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